Easy Fresh Flower Care and Tips

Easy Fresh Flower Care and Tips

There’s nothing like having fresh flowers in the house, especially if someone special has some delivered to you. Flowers allow us to bring a bit of the outside in and provides us with a connection to nature most other gifts or items around the house cannot. More and more studies have shown they naturally reduce our stress levels, improve our moods, increase our energy, and even boost creativity. Really, what’s not love.

Ok, so now you have the flowers, how do you improve their longevity? We’ve listed out some simple care instruction that you can use to improve the life span of your floral friends. At Petal Street Flower Company, we always include a Care Card with each floral arrangement or plant bought or sent out for flower delivery, so you may already be familiar with some of this information, but a quick review never hurts. Read on…

Caring for a Wrapped Bouquet of Flowers

  • Clean and fill a vase with slightly cool to lukewarm water
  • Mix in the flower preservative provided according to the instructions on the packet
  • Remove flowers from wrapper and remove any water tubes that may be on some stems
  • Preferably with pruning shears, cut each stem (including previously tubed stems), and immediately place in water
  • Follow instructions below: Caring for Flowers in a Vase to keep them fresh longer

Caring for Flowers in a Vase

  • Always keep the water level close to full
  • About every 2 to 3 days, change the water, re-cut all stems and immediately place back in water
  • Always remove wilting or dead leaves, stems, or flowers from the arrangement
  • Also, when the water gets cloudy it’s time to change it

Caring for Flowers in a basket or Other Containers

  • Again, always keep the water level close to full, be sure to add water to the inner liner
  • Always remove wilting or dead leaves, stems, or flowers from the arrangement

A Few extra Tips

  • A gardener’s pruning shears are an excellent tool to cut stems with
  • Keep flowers in a cool environment whenever possible
  • Remove any below-water foliage, they can rot quickly and spoil the water

Bonus Tip!

Whenever possible, get your flowers at Petal Street Flower Company! (yes, we know, blatant self-centered advertising right there. Hey it’s our blog, we do what we like, ha ha)

What to Avoid

  • Keep flowers away from extreme temperatures and drafts which can dry them out quickly
  • Keep fresh flowers away from direct sunlight, they will overheat and wilt quickly
  • Keep flowers away from cooking stoves and electronics which give off heat
  • Keep flowers away from fresh fruit, they emit Ethylene gas which quickly ages flowers
  • Try to avoid cutting stems with a scissor as it may crush stems instead of cut them

Caring for Fresh Flowers Should Never Feel Like Work

We hope this little article of easy care instructions has given you more knowledge and confidence in caring for your fresh cut flowers arrangements. Our hope is that you enjoy flowers as much as we do, and that you get the most you can out of them. Caring for them should never feel like work.

If you have any further questions, you can always call us at our shop (732) 295-0600.

You can always visit our Everyday Flowers Collection and treat yourself or someone you love to a delivery of fresh flowers (oops, there we go again).